NYニューヨークマンハッタンに今日本で最も注目されているヘアサロン・美容室がNEW OPEN!メディアで大活躍中、東京発の日系美容室NY店!(日本人美容師在籍)

Spring your spirits!

Spring your spirits!

Hello to everyone in New York anticipating about the weather that should be getting better everyday!

Living my childhood years in the coldest area in Japan, it is not that bad compared to all the snow storm I had to go through…..

By the way,depending on what sort of climate you are living in, beauty routine changes too.

What kind of weather and water are you used to? It will change your hair texture and the silhouette of your hairstyle.

At ASSORT NEW YORK I will consult based on your daily routine and how you would like to have your hair set and ready to go all the time.

Let’s make life simple. Don’t stress out about your appearance.

Happy hair happy life 🙂

First time clients with me Christine is 20% OFF NOW!!

Book with me online! or Call us at 212-388-0050

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