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Infusing Trends From Aoyama into NY Individuality

A few steps down from street level, in a 400 square-foot space, Assort offers a cozy atmosphere.

Frequently awarded the number one position on hair styling websites, Assort is a trend-setting hair salon in the chic neighborhood of Aoyama in Tokyo. This Japanese, top-rated salon opened its first U.S. branch in the East Village this November. “Although we are known for offering trend-conscious styling, our salon’s signature is diversity. As the name ‘Assort’ implies, we respect each stylist’s personality and individual strengths as well as each client’s personal beauty.  As a result, we can offer diverse services,” explains U.S. born salon owner, Mr. Ken Kobayashi.

Having salons in the two fashion savvy cities brings a lot of benefits.  The most updated beauty and fashion information about styles, techniques, and products found in both New York and Tokyo can be shared.  They can infuse trends in hairstyles and create something new while staying close to the clients’ individuality.  The salon also plans to exchange their young stylists in both cities and encourage them to improve their skills.

For the start-up of their NY location, Assort features 3 internationally experienced stylists, including Mr. Kobayashi himself who goes back and forth between New York and Tokyo.


Assort International Hair Salon New York
249 E. 10th St., (bet. 1st Ave. & Ave. A), New York, NY 10009
TEL: 212-388-0050  |




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