NYニューヨークマンハッタンに今日本で最も注目されているヘアサロン・美容室がNEW OPEN!メディアで大活躍中、東京発の日系美容室NY店!(日本人美容師在籍)

[08.2013] New York Schedule

//[08.2013] New York Schedule

[08.2013] New York Schedule







さて、今月の私のニューヨーク出張は8/19から8/29までとなります。主に施工の立ち合い、面接、雑貨探し、等です。土日は施工人や休みのため実家ダラスに帰りますが、質問や直接会ってお話したい方は是非ご連絡を^^ ny_info@assort-hair.com

※私は今年10月より一月半に一度一週間ほどニューヨーク店へ出勤する予定ですのでご予約希望の方は是非こちらから(スケジュールも載っております)▶ RESERVATION 。今年の12月、もしくは来年1月から臨時スタッフも日本から送る予定ですのでその際はいつでもご予約可能となります。

ではでは本日はここまで。。。have a nice day!



Hi everyone. It’s OBON season (holiday week) here in Tokyo, and it is extreeeeemely hot. It’s the humidity in Japan that makes it feel so hot even though the temperature isn’t that high.  It literally feels like a hot hair dryer is blowing at your face consistently when walking outside.  So IF you are intending to visit Japan this summer, BE PREPARED!!

Anyway, my next business trip to New York this month will be from 8/19 to 8/29. Mainly for construction, interviews,  and gathering furniture and etc for our upcoming salon in October. Please contact me at ny_info@assort-hair.com if you have any questions.

Just a reminder, I will only be available for clients in our NY salon for one week every month 1/2 (please see the RESERVATION section of our site), but WE ARE BRINGING ONE OF OUR BEST HAIR STYLIST’S to ASSORT NEW YORK who will be available through out the year.  (She speaks perfect English as well so no worries with communication)

I am hoping Manhattan will be a bit cooler than the last time I was there last month.

Have a great day!


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